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UfMSecretariat Are you interested in International Business Communication?@emuni offers a Master Course starting Oct. 2017 in Pira… https://t.co/SQSnBvJYsr
UfMSecretariat RT @ihsakuzum: Boosting employability in the Mediterranean region: which role for internships?thttp://ufmsecretariat.org/boosting-employab…
UfMSecretariat The UfM SG @FSijilmassi and @ascameorg VP signed agreemnt today in presence of Spain Ambassador Special Mission for… https://t.co/HgxKruq4W1
UfMSecretariat RT @ascameorg: 🔴#ASCAME & @UfMSecretariat sign partnership agreement to consolidate #UnionForTheMediterranean as a key institutional partne…
UfMSecretariat The UfM develops 18 environment projects to tackle 80% of #pollution in the Mediterranean by 2020 #ClimateHopehttps://t.co/2QIWONkIyi
UfMSecretariat RT @IEMed_: El Observatorio de la #Islamofobia en los Medios ya se puede consultar en internet. Iniciativa del IEMed y @Al_Fanar https://t.…
UfMSecretariat @emuni Summer School: classes start today under the theme “Migration and the Euro-Mediterranean region” https://t.co/7kUKw0n9yA
UfMSecretariat RT @emuni: EMUNI Summer School welcomes its students with very diverse individual backgrounds that come from 15 different... https://t.co/b
UfMSecretariat RT @unisiena: 28-30/6. #PlasticBusters Project - Second meeting. Si parlerà della tutela dell'ambiente marino e del #marinelitter. https://…
UfMSecretariat RT @Tarragona2018: Falta un año para #Tarragona2018. RT para entrar en el sorteo de una entrada doble para la inauguración de los Juegos! #…
UfMSecretariat RT @Tarragona2018: Falta un any per l'inici de #Tarragona2018. Fes RT i entra al sorteig d'una entrada doble per la inauguració dels Jocs!…
UfMSecretariat #EidFitrMubarak to all our friends and partners in the Mediterranean Region https://t.co/v8YPQF9aBN
UfMSecretariat Join @UNIDO training module to advance #gender #equality and #women's #empowerment. It’s open to everybody!… https://t.co/nyPMf9y10E
UfMSecretariat Now is time to pool all efforts to unlock the potential for Blue Growth & job creation at a Med Level… https://t.co/MGqXfuM3Dn
UfMSecretariat RT @CIHEAMIAMM: Just released! Proceedings of the Mediterranean Forum for PhD students and Young researchers https://t.co/Y7my7XkI1A https:…
UfMSecretariat In the Mediterranean Region women represent only 28% of labor force and 12% of entrepreneurs #genderequalityhttps://t.co/GpK8GxbOTK
UfMSecretariat RT @unidowemena: Did you know: Women in MENA are twice more likely to be unemployed than men and only 12 % of formal SMEs in the region are…
UfMSecretariat Le rapport annuel de l’UpM met en évidence une nouvelle phase d’engagement régional accru avec un total de 47 proje… https://t.co/X8hiP7tOKZ
UfMSecretariat We welcome today in our headquarters the visit of Turkish Deputy Director Gral and UfM Senior Official Yaprak Alp… https://t.co/nGDbLKGYid
UfMSecretariat "مارشال أفريقيا".. زورق إنقاذ أوروبا من تدفق المهاجرين https://t.co/g1SWMiHa4j
UfMSecretariat Due to climate change Europe, the Middle East and North Africa have seen extremely high temperatures. The heatwaves… https://t.co/ZMkoTV3NCp
UfMSecretariat RT @UN_Women: Explore: which countries have the highest gender gap in the workplace? https://t.co/L7zVNa0QR9 #womenatwork https://t.co/1js5
UfMSecretariat #UfM Deputy Secretary Gen Ihab Fahmy met Arnold @Schwarzenegger at the R20 Austrian World Summit #R20AWS for a sust… https://t.co/mNhwldQ1NL
UfMSecretariat La Unión Europea, galardonada en España con el premio Princesa de Asturias a la Concordia 2017… https://t.co/UR2rtKkiZA
UfMSecretariat Congratulations to Octavi Quintana Trias, director of the PRIMA Foundation @prima4med,a Mediterranean joint researc… https://t.co/2mLGMIah4I
UfMSecretariat إنضم/ي إلى فريقنا! الوظائف الشاغرة حالياً: منسق/ة تعاون، مسؤول/ة مشاريع التغير المناخي، محلل/ة تخطيط ومتابعة.… https://t.co/UHATmxNkfo
UfMSecretariat #UfM Dep. Secretary Gral Ihab Fahmy at the R20 Austrian World Summit @R20_AWS: from UN Sustainable Development Goal… https://t.co/VlYx0lMern
UfMSecretariat RT @ENAREurope: Today is #RefugeeDay. EU and member states must focus on respecting the basic rights and dignity of people #WithRefugees ht…
UfMSecretariat 21 million are refugees fleeing wars in the world, half of them under 18. These are worst humanitarian figures sinc… https://t.co/2JcoS6LF3c
UfMSecretariat Lancement de la « Communauté de la Croissance Bleue » en Méditerranée https://t.co/WnXoWWRlWR
UfMSecretariat We're looking for a Partnerships Coordinator, a Climate Change Project Manager and a Planning & Monitoring Analyst… https://t.co/zRIzunBgxc
UfMSecretariat RT @UN_Water: According to @WorldBank report - by 2030 #ClimateChange could increase number of people exposed to droughts by 17%: https://t…
UfMSecretariat Women unemployment is 40% in Middle East/North Africa. Learn how we work with @UNIDO to promote female entrepreneurs https://t.co/03oyr6lefj
UfMSecretariat With more than 180 million people in the Mediterranean region being considered ‘water poor’, desertification should be effectively tackled
UfMSecretariat RT @AgoraMedSpring: #Water Integrity in the #MENA region: capacity building programme by @UfMSecretariat and @siwi_water https://t.co/937K5
UfMSecretariat RT @WWF: It’s #WorldSeaTurtleDay today, let’s commemorate this creature and their vital role in the marine and coastal ecosystem. https://t…
UfMSecretariat تدشين مشروع للطاقة المتجددة لدعم الأسواق في «المينا» https://t.co/MvHqHkXliq
UfMSecretariat حراك إلكتروني لترجمة العلوم إلى العربية https://t.co/3lXwLrYARK
UfMSecretariat An online movement translates academic articles to Arabic! meet Omar, medical student who founded the Iraqi Transla… https://t.co/FfSAJn8t04
UfMSecretariat RT @unidowemena: @UNIDO project empowering women in the six target countries of MENA continues to be a success. Detailed report: https://t.…
UfMSecretariat RT @FPSC_ongd: M. García-Herraiz expone la enorme experiencia en cooperación y diplomacia de la UpM en recursos de agua. #cemo_agua_palesti
UfMSecretariat #Erasmus turns 30! EU Commissioner @EUScienceInnov Carlos Moedas passionately encourages everyone to do it, it is a… https://t.co/dgw5GaQzhi
UfMSecretariat RT @UNIDOyouthwomen: How to achieve women’s economic inclusion? Working along a six pillars intervention strategy, is the way forward of ou…
UfMSecretariat Most countries in the MENA region are water stressed: the Ufm develops with @siwi_water a program on water integrity https://t.co/IKJVbl1vwv
UfMSecretariat @EMISOnline We are happy to work with EMIS ! Check out our page on the project: https://t.co/Ar4SK6hikL and follow us to see our updates!
UfMSecretariat RT @UNEP: Study finds that marine reserves are helping ecosystems cope with climate change. Read more: https://t.co/zw8D5UJXJg https://t.co
UfMSecretariat M.García-Herráiz, vicesecre. gral UpM Medio Ambiente: "El cambio climático es un acicate a la adaptación del sector" https://t.co/rQfNmD6Jvc


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Co-organized by:

 Gouv Tun v3 petit







The Mediterranean Economic Conference: Employment and Territorial Development  offers a unique platform for reflection, exchange of experiences and definition of strategies as well as actions to address the unemployment challenge in the Southern Mediterranean countries.

Co-organized by the Secretariat of the UfM and the Government of Tunisia, the conference is bringing together high level representatives from the European Institutions (EEAS, European Commission, European Parliament), government officials and ministers from the Mediterranean region, representatives from regional and national organizations, influential practitioners in the area of local development and job creation as well as intergovernmental organizations, international financial institutions and business leaders from the banking sector and SMEs.

This year, the first edition of the conference will be held in Tunisia. In line with the current political, economic and social climate, the conference will reflect pressing issues on employment opportunities for youth and women or the promotion of local development, and it will further witness the launch of the Mediterranean Initiative for Jobs (Med4Jobs), designed by the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean in response to the structural challenges in the region.

The Conference will be organised around thematic sessions aiming to address the following questions to guide the debates:

Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How to adapt national strategies to better improve youth employability and skills?
Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How national strategies could be translated into local actions?
Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How to reduce frictional unemployment?
Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How could SMEs development and private sector investments create local and regional champions?


Co-funded by the European Union