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UfMSecretariat The UfM is proud to support the 2022 #ARLEMaward, promoting young, local entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean. Regist… https://t.co/veeIMPTa9R
UfMSecretariat RT @BUSINESSMED_Med: On 8 July, #BUSINESSMED partnered with @UfMSecretariat/@etfeuropa/@giz_gmbh & #EC to hold the #UfM Regional Dialogue,…
UfMSecretariat 🐆 El número de linces ibéricos se multiplica casi por 12, alcanzando la cifra de 1.111 ejemplares en la península i… https://t.co/gMPlGUUqEc
UfMSecretariat Would you like to know what recommendations exist for achieving the 2030 Agenda 💪? Or the rights and tools women in… https://t.co/gaw5iRBDeP
UfMSecretariat According to the Secretary General’s report 📈on Rural Women, they "are disproportionately affected by poverty, excl… https://t.co/SDkC0En5dH
UfMSecretariat Women make up 40% of the global agricultural labour force🌍 However, they are also the largest unpaid care workforce… https://t.co/GvtJ9uI6lf
UfMSecretariat Women play an essential role in both rural and urban areas 👩🏻‍🌾‍🌾 in achieving a sustainable and food secure future… https://t.co/fPVKg1nXLb
UfMSecretariat 📢 Final chance to present your work! 🕐One week left to submit your #WEFENexus Science Advances Conference Poster A… https://t.co/Cnvc5cqmdU
UfMSecretariat Jordan's Prime Minister visited Ma'an this week and learnt about some of the great projects being supported by #UfMhttps://t.co/nZkjRo4G8W
UfMSecretariat 💦#SaveTheDate for the online session ‘Blended finance for water and climate: when theory meets practice' in the fra… https://t.co/aUwgRDaIc4
UfMSecretariat RT @BlueMedEU: 🖋️ Registrations are open for the workshop on "Unlocking the potential of Ports and Harbours in preventing and reducing the…
UfMSecretariat Le chef étoilé franco-libanais Alan Geaam décrit un 1 mot ce que la Méditerranée signifie pour lui 👇🏽 ! Rejoignez… https://t.co/Yo7LFGKk83
UfMSecretariat Fruitful meeting last week between #UfM Secretary General Nasser Kamel and Spanish Minister for Culture and Sports… https://t.co/K4noCvNeBp
UfMSecretariat We have a structure that works according to the "3Ps" methodology, where Policy Framework, Regional Dialogue Platfo… https://t.co/gmb12ZIivO
UfMSecretariat We also have six Deputy Secretary Generals who are in charge of the following sectors ⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://t.co/a6mFydPuRH
UfMSecretariat Would you like to discover more about how the UfM works? Let us explain it in this thread! Let's start with our str… https://t.co/oZChyi5uvf
UfMSecretariat RT @AbadiMutaz: Very good to visit the facility where one of the intervention of Prove of concept of #WEFE nexus #MatchMakerII funded by @U
UfMSecretariat #SaveTheDate 📅 for the #UfM @Emuni Webinar: Women in blue economy in the #Mediterranean ♀️🌊
UfMSecretariat At the #G20 Ministers of Culture Summit, #UfM Secretary General Kamel gave the keynote speech “Addressing the Clima… https://t.co/PmZU3HHmjT
UfMSecretariat #UfM Secretary General Nasser Kamel met with Italian Vice Minister @MarinaSereni in Rome: the meeting focused on th… https://t.co/ocQfWxPpul
UfMSecretariat #UfM Deputy Secretary General Grammenos Mastrojeni spoke with @Radio1Rai today as the #UNFSS2021 in Rome draws to a… https://t.co/smUhhUWErR
UfMSecretariat #UfM Secretary General, Nasser Kamel, met today with @MarinaSereni, @ItalyMFA deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in… https://t.co/88elXNQKGL
UfMSecretariat 🔛 #UfM Secretary General is taking part in #Rome in the Global Pre-Summit of the #UN Food Systems Summit. He highli… https://t.co/griPk8gh7L
UfMSecretariat El cantaor @MiguelPoveda nació en la ciudad Mediterránea de #Badalona y se siente en casa frente al mar ¿Qué palabr… https://t.co/B55VjjgvFC
UfMSecretariat 🔛 With the support of @giz_gmbh, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade and Industry of #Egypthttps://t.co/7iVOzbV06g
UfMSecretariat RT @emuni: Where are women in the blue economy? What opportunities for further women engagement? SAVE THE DATE and join us and the @UfMSe
UfMSecretariat La Pelu de Maakum, or the Barbershop of Maakum in English, offers more than haircuts in #Madrid, Spain. It is offer… https://t.co/0aEx1SSsy0
UfMSecretariat RT @INWRDAM: Towards building synergies at regional level, INWRDAM along side with @UFMSecretariat and IUCN ROWA holds coordination meeting…
UfMSecretariat If you've missed the conference "Adapting to #climate change in the #Mediterranean: feedback and best practices" &… https://t.co/q7hWGK9Y66
UfMSecretariat #Winner in the "Designing, implementing and monitoring public policies" category: "Plan d'adaptation au changement… https://t.co/rnsyUdDwLP
UfMSecretariat #Winner in the "Preservation of ecosystems and nature-based solutions" category: "Hydrousa - Application de modèles… https://t.co/JJEFD5z9Uw
UfMSecretariat #Winner in the "Resilient facilities and infrastructure" category: "Réalisation de la station d'épuration à filtres… https://t.co/2QlTy5UEqu
UfMSecretariat 🏆The third edition of @medadaptawards ceremony rewards local players for exemplary practices to adapt to #climate c… https://t.co/QFOh4rzWyb
UfMSecretariat Less than 1h left before the Awards ceremony, attendance is open to all! https://t.co/6Jvj3KfQxa
UfMSecretariat RT @WestMedStrat: This new @UfMSecretariat ‘Blue Economy in the #Mediterranean Report’ provides an updated overview and projection of the p…
UfMSecretariat Are you interested in the Euro-Mediterranean region? 👉 Follow the #UfM on #Instagram and get involved with the well… https://t.co/ZFtTEvlx2W
UfMSecretariat RT @UN: The UN Food Systems Pre-Summit gets underway in Rome on Monday. World leaders, civil society, producers, indigenous peoples & oth…
UfMSecretariat RT @AbadiMutaz: Productive meeting with the SecGen of the Ministry Of Water &Irrigation of #Jordan HE Dr Jihad Mahamid, alongside with @Sid
UfMSecretariat RT @medadaptawards: Tomorrow, from 11am to noon (GMT+2), follow the Medadapt Awards ceremony live on Twitter! Discover the 3 winning #clima
UfMSecretariat RT @SciTechDiploHub: 💻 “Mediterranean Science Diplomacy: Challenges and Opportunities” By Nasser Kamel, Secretary…
UfMSecretariat Nous sommes tristes d'apprendre le décès d'Hachmi Kennou, Directeur Exécutif de l'Institut Méditerranéen de l'Eau (… https://t.co/UKXYE1qiCK
UfMSecretariat Appel aux jeunes entrepreneurs en Méditerranée : le #ARLEMaward 2022 est désormais ouvert aux inscriptions ! Si vou… https://t.co/JH9NPbMIK0
UfMSecretariat ♻️ Did you know that the EU is set to take the lead in #climate policy action among the world's biggest greenhouse… https://t.co/fLmGWXgJQd
UfMSecretariat RT @EU_MARE: We are taking a big step forward in the blue-green transition. The Communication on a 🆕 approach for a sustainable #BlueEcono
UfMSecretariat 💼 Are you a #jobseeker? At the #UfM we have vacancies all across the Mediterranean region. Take the first step to… https://t.co/xqlyUWuKHz
UfMSecretariat 🤓 #Knowledge is key to adopting savvy decisions to protect the #Mediterranean Sea. 📚Find out which #Research centr… https://t.co/rCBukuKwOz
UfMSecretariat RT @AbadiMutaz: In #Gaza there is Desalinated water!! More important! There are also people who can operate it. :) @ufmsecretariat Water ha…
UfMSecretariat In the #Mediterranean, #education for sustainable development can be a tool for increasing the employability of our… https://t.co/GpC5R9iFr1
UfMSecretariat La estrella israelí y activista de los derechos humanos @noasmusic explica cómo la belleza, la diversidad, los mila… https://t.co/hWoinJmBoN


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Co-organized by:

 Gouv Tun v3 petit







The Mediterranean Economic Conference: Employment and Territorial Development  offers a unique platform for reflection, exchange of experiences and definition of strategies as well as actions to address the unemployment challenge in the Southern Mediterranean countries.

Co-organized by the Secretariat of the UfM and the Government of Tunisia, the conference is bringing together high level representatives from the European Institutions (EEAS, European Commission, European Parliament), government officials and ministers from the Mediterranean region, representatives from regional and national organizations, influential practitioners in the area of local development and job creation as well as intergovernmental organizations, international financial institutions and business leaders from the banking sector and SMEs.

This year, the first edition of the conference will be held in Tunisia. In line with the current political, economic and social climate, the conference will reflect pressing issues on employment opportunities for youth and women or the promotion of local development, and it will further witness the launch of the Mediterranean Initiative for Jobs (Med4Jobs), designed by the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean in response to the structural challenges in the region.

The Conference will be organised around thematic sessions aiming to address the following questions to guide the debates:

Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How to adapt national strategies to better improve youth employability and skills?
Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How national strategies could be translated into local actions?
Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How to reduce frictional unemployment?
Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How could SMEs development and private sector investments create local and regional champions?


Co-funded by the European Union