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UfMSecretariat RT @IEMed_: L’ @IEMed_ lance un réseau de think tanks de la Méditerranée occidentale — https://t.co/WXKnovwcTm https://t.co/FoRSse3oYi
UfMSecretariat #UfM untaps the potential for #BlueEconomy which could generate 2 million #jobs in the EU alone by 2020: https://t.co/tzdDl3uSgt
UfMSecretariat RT @SwitchMed: Kindly invited to submit your suggestions for speakers+sessions #SwitchMedConnect @UfMSecretariat @NetworkFacility https://t…
UfMSecretariat RT @WWFEU: MEPs support 40% target for “quiet champion of the energy transition” #energyefficiency for 2030. https://t.co/SCKx114sx0
UfMSecretariat #UfM participates in SWIM/#H2020- SM EU funded program in southern Mediterranean countries. https://t.co/KpDa3qPFqc
UfMSecretariat صورة اليوم: أريحا، #فلسطين. تستفيد فلسطين من مشروعات الاتحاد من أجل المتوسط لتمكين #المرأة وتنمية #الأعمال و #المياه https://t.co/ZWmlE9Bv4t
UfMSecretariat RT @UNEP: #UNEA2: According to @WHO global urban air pollution levels increased by 8% between 2008-2013, current efforts still fall short
UfMSecretariat #UfM prevents violence against girls via #education. Follow progress of #UfM project Forming Responsible Citizens at https://t.co/pCIijDMImJ
UfMSecretariat RT @HaizamAmirah: .@FSijilmassi insists on the need for regional cooperation in the Western Mediterranean to respond to the needs of youth.…
UfMSecretariat RT @IgnacioYbanez: Enhorabuena a @IEMed_ @UfMSecretariat y a Copresidencias @MarocDiplomatie y @francediplo por co-organización evento. htt…
UfMSecretariat RT @IgnacioYbanez: En sesión inaugural diálogo 5+5 como mecanismo integración y de cooperación internacional @IEMed_ @UfMSecretariat https…
UfMSecretariat RT @TarradellasEU: A la conferència del @IEMed_ think forum sobre el diàleg 5+5 al Palau de Pedralbes, seu de @UfMSecretariat https://t.co/
UfMSecretariat RT @CIF_Action: Stabilizing temperature + meeting energy demands = Shift to renewables: #Learn more: https://t.co/G1KXNQ1FtP https://t.co/a
UfMSecretariat RT @UNIDO: Developing sustainable consumption & production in Southern Mediterranean region https://t.co/xG9f57SEEC #UNIDO50 https://t.co/y
UfMSecretariat "In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous" - Aristotle. Happy #BiodiversityDay! Rich biodiversity is earth's best gift
UfMSecretariat RT @WomedScPo: Join us #GEMED le résultat des rencontres exceptionnelles entre femmes @sciencespo @UfMSecretariat @PRESAGEgenre https://t.…
UfMSecretariat#CulturalDiversity is as necessary for humankind as #biodiversity is for nature.” - @UNESCO. Happy Int'l Day for #CulturalDiversity!
UfMSecretariat RT @E2OEspana: Los jóvenes preparan el 1er Encuentro de #E2O en Zaragoza el 25/5 Programa y inscripción: https://t.co/WWf2zXQDoW https://t.…
UfMSecretariat Descubre qué soluciones hay para los jóvenes sin empleo ni titulación en #España en el 1er encuentro #E2O https://t.co/vl3baVPmcH @E2OEspana
UfMSecretariat RT @ascameorg: Meet main #MENA experts #logistics #transport & detect potential business opportunties in sector at #MedaLogistics16 https:/…
UfMSecretariat RT @AMIDEASThq: The Weekly Roundup is here: https://t.co/avSh531D1h. Find out what's been happening at AMIDEAST! https://t.co/PMCdYpGNVb
UfMSecretariat RT @WomedScPo: Delphine Borione salue l'engagement des lauréates #FAM2016 @UfMSecretariat https://t.co/9qn9wy6Bnj
UfMSecretariat هل تعلم أن 1% فقط من #التجارة البينية في المنطقة الأورومتوسطية هي بين دول جنوب المتوسط؟ https://t.co/fQIyqoU9yY
UfMSecretariat RT @SwitchMed: Participate to this survey to better understand perceptions on #GreenEconomy. @GECoalition, #MIOECSDE , #ecounion https://t.…
UfMSecretariat RT @SwitchMed: Souhaitez-vous collaborer avec nous pour #switchmedconnect? On attend vos propositions! #ecoinnovation #event https://t.co/
UfMSecretariat L’importance de l’#autoroute transmaghrébine a été reconnue par de nombreuses plateformes internationales https://t.co/i4EjNYUNsT
UfMSecretariat #UfM project of Trans-Maghreb Motorway Axis is promoted by CETMO (Centre d’Etudes des Transports pour la Méditerranée Occidentale).
UfMSecretariat RT @WomedScPo: Amina Lotfi sur les acquis et les batailles portées par @ONUFemmes #fam2016 @sciencespo @unwomenarabic #femmes https://t.co/
UfMSecretariat RT @Randaeltahawy: This enriching and empowering experience @WomedScPo ends today with a seminar on Women leadership in the Arab World http…
UfMSecretariat Congrats Randa & all the young women part of #FAM2016. Happy to partner w/@WomedScPo to make this project a reality. https://t.co/5FXpzp6vNK
UfMSecretariat RT @WomedScPo: Delphine Borione au colloque #leadership des femmes dans le monde arabe #fam2016 #spma @UfMSecretariat @sciencespo https://t…
UfMSecretariat #FridayFact: #UfM projects like 'Trans-Maghreb Motorway Axis' boost south-south #trade https://t.co/K2HnhMcV8W https://t.co/OSJ25F23iU
UfMSecretariat Do you know how the #UfM is related to the #Barcelona Process? This figure explains it simply https://t.co/PDjHajmMdJ
UfMSecretariat RT @CCNUCC: L'importance de l'égalité des sexes dans la lutte contre le #changementclimatique démontrée https://t.co/himgKHNMFl https://t.c…
UfMSecretariat Main areas of #UfM action: Sustainable #Development - #Youth #Employability & Inclusive Growth – #WomenEmpowerment
UfMSecretariat #FollowFriday: We recommend @siwi_water, promoter of #UfM-labelled project Capacity Building Programme on #Water Integrity in #MENA region
UfMSecretariat Saki Aciman Behar (CETMO) nous parle du projet d’#autoroute trans-maghrébine https://t.co/MuTA9JoIAe #UpM
UfMSecretariat أولويات ثلاث لعمل الاتحاد من أجل المتوسط: #التنمية البشرية والتكامل و#الاستقرار في المنطقة الأورومتوسطية
UfMSecretariat مشروع فرصة رفيعة لاستقطاب المدراء التنفيذيين بحوض المتوسط يروج لتنقل الطلاب والتدريب الداخلي في بلدان البحر المتوسط https://t.co/ar0iATg2We
UfMSecretariat Three key interrelated regional priorities for #UfM work: human #development - #integration - #stability.
UfMSecretariat RT @IEMed_: Living in the #Mediterranean, enjoy writing and under 30? the #LiteraryContest #ASeaOfWords2016 it's for you https://t.co/G6xEr
UfMSecretariat RT @gouvernementFR: 14 mesures pour le développement d’#emplois de qualité dans le secteur culturel >> https://t.co/wRCQFa1vc6 https://t.co
UfMSecretariat RT @WomedScPo: Clôture FAM 2016: célébrons ensemble les lauréates #FAM2016 @sciencespo @PRESAGEgenre @IJKhadija @UfMSecretariat https://t.c…
UfMSecretariat Are you following the #UfM on #LinkedIn? It takes a second: https://t.co/ASo4HS2kkg
UfMSecretariat #EuropeanMaritimeDay: Learn about our #UfM-labelled project Motorway of the Sea (#MoS) Turkey-Italy-Tunisia https://t.co/55HHjTxok8


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Co-organized by:

 Gouv Tun v3 petit







The Mediterranean Economic Conference: Employment and Territorial Development  offers a unique platform for reflection, exchange of experiences and definition of strategies as well as actions to address the unemployment challenge in the Southern Mediterranean countries.

Co-organized by the Secretariat of the UfM and the Government of Tunisia, the conference is bringing together high level representatives from the European Institutions (EEAS, European Commission, European Parliament), government officials and ministers from the Mediterranean region, representatives from regional and national organizations, influential practitioners in the area of local development and job creation as well as intergovernmental organizations, international financial institutions and business leaders from the banking sector and SMEs.

This year, the first edition of the conference will be held in Tunisia. In line with the current political, economic and social climate, the conference will reflect pressing issues on employment opportunities for youth and women or the promotion of local development, and it will further witness the launch of the Mediterranean Initiative for Jobs (Med4Jobs), designed by the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean in response to the structural challenges in the region.

The Conference will be organised around thematic sessions aiming to address the following questions to guide the debates:

Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How to adapt national strategies to better improve youth employability and skills?
Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How national strategies could be translated into local actions?
Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How to reduce frictional unemployment?
Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How could SMEs development and private sector investments create local and regional champions?


Co-funded by the European Union