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UfMSecretariat RT @EESC_President: #Cop25Madrid2019: Very constructive meeting with @cristinagallach, Spanish High Commissioner for the #2030agenda on pus…
UfMSecretariat RT @ispionline: What an intense Day 2, today at the Rome Mediterranean Dialogues! ☝ Experts, policymakers and stakeholders gathered at #Me
UfMSecretariat Rome 2019 Dialogues MED : l'UpM intensifie son action régionale pour lutter contre la pénurie d'eau ➡️… https://t.co/qaeOxCqm48
UfMSecretariat The Rome 2019 MED Dialogues continue today with the participation of #UfM SG in a session on "The Geopolitical side… https://t.co/OPoEIHVyl9
UfMSecretariat RT @ispionline: The geopolitical side of climate change: resource scarcity and conflicts, with @acabrini, @AbelaCarmelo, Karim El Aynaoui @…
UfMSecretariat #HappeningNow: #UfM Secretary General is meeting with former President of the @EU_Commission Romano Prodi, a forefa… https://t.co/OzFYFYFZIf
UfMSecretariat #UfM SG is participating in the Seminar on the revitalization of the Euro-Med Coop in view of #25BCNProcess anniver… https://t.co/PEY5IPnXBU
UfMSecretariat #UfM Secretary General met with Sameh Shoukry, Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs: They discussed the preparation… https://t.co/FzjVAEGzz9
UfMSecretariat The official opening session of the Rome Mediterranean Dialogues #Med2019 today features @ispionline President Giam… https://t.co/6WrPJRKZcR
UfMSecretariat Join us today! We are hiring a transport and urban development expert in our offices in Barcelona (Maternity leave… https://t.co/bQUxnI4eFd
UfMSecretariat #UfM Secretary General Nasser Kamel and Deputy Secretary General Grammenos Mastrojeni met with Luca Mastripieri, di… https://t.co/gLIJVApxz6
UfMSecretariat Ensuring the financial sustainability of the water sector is of great importance to support economic growth & achie… https://t.co/qWzC36wwik
UfMSecretariat "Italy is at your side": Passionate words today at the #Med2019 in Rome by Italian Deputy Minister on Water issues… https://t.co/SRjOTuWfW1
UfMSecretariat Thanks to @GWPMed for your great support to developers the UfM water policy framework. #UfM4Water https://t.co/hfqXBin0Ai
UfMSecretariat The First Annual #UfM Conference on Water Investment and Financing is taking place at the Rome Med Dialogues 🌊, foc… https://t.co/Q00opL9vYX
UfMSecretariat RT @FAO: Every 5⃣ seconds the equivalent of one soccer pitch is eroded! Once we lose this soil we won't see it again in our lifetime. We…
UfMSecretariat In the framework of the Rome Med Dialogues 🌊, we are organising the 1st First Annual Conference on Water Investment… https://t.co/Ni5eXEztgJ
UfMSecretariat Supporting decent job creation and entrepreneurship & investing in quality education and trainings is at the top of… https://t.co/k2xBmfo9pH
UfMSecretariat RT @ispionline: How can public and private actors work together to ensure the financial sustainability of the water sector? 💧 #Med2019 hos…
UfMSecretariat The First #UfM Conference on Water Investment and Financing is taking place today in the framework of the Mediterra… https://t.co/V0derym5Hb
UfMSecretariat RT @IsidroGAfonso: Con el impresionante Vesubio al fondo, foto de familia de los jefes de delegación de los países y organizaciones interna…
UfMSecretariat Opening speech at the Working group on Tourism by Deputy Secretary General Social & Civil Affairs Marisa Farrugia :… https://t.co/bFWML60Tm6
UfMSecretariat The Mediterranean has huge potential to increase energy efficiency: The UfM hosts today the @meetMED1 workshop on e… https://t.co/R6Fi3TGMg7
UfMSecretariat Promoting integrated water resources management is one of #UfM priorities. The first #UfM Annual Conference on Wate… https://t.co/nl7AImKbDq
UfMSecretariat The UfM is hosting a Workshop on Tourism tomorrow, under the topic "Generating jobs for Youth in the MENA Region”.… https://t.co/35rJW3Dpqv
UfMSecretariat The first #UfM Annual Conference on Water Investment and Financing is taking place this Thursday back to back with… https://t.co/tEjH18BBDN
UfMSecretariat إعلان عن فرصة عمل بمكتب الأمين العام للإتحاد من أجل المتوسط . يجب على المرشح إيجادة و كتابة اللغة العربية بطلاقة.… https://t.co/uCrfLT3OTr
UfMSecretariat Avant la COP25, le secrétaire général de l’ONU appelle à la fin de la « guerre contre la nature » https://t.co/0xEqJvdTzR via @lemondefr
UfMSecretariat #UfM Secretary General praises Cyprus’ role in promoting a regional action plan for climate change @CyprusMFA https://t.co/K4OIXzcV67
UfMSecretariat أن الاتحاد من أجل المتوسط يدعم جهود تدويل مصر للتعليم العالي، مشيرة إلى أن الاجتماع الإقليمي لتدويل التعليم العالي… https://t.co/B326iQ6lXi
UfMSecretariat #UfM Secretary General, Nasser Kamel, met today with Constantinos Kadis, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development… https://t.co/tLzKFQACXD
UfMSecretariat RT @MedNC_network: An event in the event: As part of the 2019 @MedNC_network Conference, an agreement has been signed between the #IECD, th…
UfMSecretariat @Hajj_Rana @NNALeb Thank you for this interesting exchange!
UfMSecretariat RT @Hajj_Rana: مقابلة حصرية مع الأمين العام للاتحاد من أجل المتوسط في أعقاب مؤتمر البيئة #COP25 #ClimateEmergency @UfMSecretariat @NNALeb
UfMSecretariat #UfM Secretary General, Nasser Kamel, is meeting today with Cyprus Minister of Foreign Affairs @Christodulides. The… https://t.co/PX9Prtbneu
UfMSecretariat The #UfM Secretary General is meeting today with the house of representatives of #Cyprus Demetris Syllouris https://t.co/Fairclo0zV
UfMSecretariat RT @common_med: 'To tackle #marinelitter we need to play all together and in the same direction' Thanks to @UfMSecretariat and @Lanuovae
UfMSecretariat RT @WWF_Med: BREAKING! WWF report shows that most of the #Mediterranean Sea remains unprotected & overexploited: only 1.27% has marine prot…
UfMSecretariat RT @UNEP: This week's #EmissionsGap Report showed that we are on perilous ground & at risk of condemning humanity to a future of serious cl…
UfMSecretariat Nuestros mejores deseos para @JosepBorrellF que empieza su andadura como Alto Representante de Política Exterior de… https://t.co/ZwvfVHHJ71
UfMSecretariat UfM Senior Advisor Itaf Ben Abdallah opened today the 3rd UfM Regional Meeting on Higher Education Internationalisa… https://t.co/AIi3x6OMKv
UfMSecretariat Nous allons co-organiser 3 événements à la #COP25 à #Madrid pour contribuer au développement durable de la Méditerr… https://t.co/r7nYJjDvqF
UfMSecretariat ناصر كامل: من أولوياتي التحدي المناخي وتمكين المرأة https://t.co/JJ8luJQxAK https://t.co/Q4oHde16KU
UfMSecretariat RT @common_med: @AlessandraSensi from @UfMSecretariat shares with us actions that are carrying out jointly, in order to face up #marinelitt
UfMSecretariat RT @WWF_Med: 🔜 Next Monday, #Mediterranean gvts and the EU will meet in Naples for the Barcelona Convention #COP21. The aim: agree on new p…
UfMSecretariat @elgeneidy @LaTribunePACA @Remibaldy Thank you Suzy for this coverage! We will share it as well and thank you again for coming.
UfMSecretariat 🌍The Union for the Mediterranean will be co-organising events at #COP25Madrid to contribute to the sustainable deve… https://t.co/IkAXE8bmkO
UfMSecretariat RT @euromedwomen: 🧐 "Online #activism constitutes a strategic tool for current women's organisations facing material constraints to bring a…
UfMSecretariat ✨ 100k Followers ! ✨ We are happy to achieve this milestone 🎉 Thank you to all followers! https://t.co/mbNKKt7Z4y
UfMSecretariat #ThrowbackThursday 24 years ago was launched the Barcelona Process! A good time for an overview of the Union for th… https://t.co/1oHcnuT8be


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Co-organized by:

 Gouv Tun v3 petit







The Mediterranean Economic Conference: Employment and Territorial Development  offers a unique platform for reflection, exchange of experiences and definition of strategies as well as actions to address the unemployment challenge in the Southern Mediterranean countries.

Co-organized by the Secretariat of the UfM and the Government of Tunisia, the conference is bringing together high level representatives from the European Institutions (EEAS, European Commission, European Parliament), government officials and ministers from the Mediterranean region, representatives from regional and national organizations, influential practitioners in the area of local development and job creation as well as intergovernmental organizations, international financial institutions and business leaders from the banking sector and SMEs.

This year, the first edition of the conference will be held in Tunisia. In line with the current political, economic and social climate, the conference will reflect pressing issues on employment opportunities for youth and women or the promotion of local development, and it will further witness the launch of the Mediterranean Initiative for Jobs (Med4Jobs), designed by the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean in response to the structural challenges in the region.

The Conference will be organised around thematic sessions aiming to address the following questions to guide the debates:

Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How to adapt national strategies to better improve youth employability and skills?
Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How national strategies could be translated into local actions?
Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How to reduce frictional unemployment?
Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How could SMEs development and private sector investments create local and regional champions?


Co-funded by the European Union