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UfMSecretariat #DYK what the UfM's 2030 Agenda for a Greener Med is about? It focuses on shifting towards greener, more circular a… https://t.co/dBCR6eLhK7
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UfMSecretariat Forum mondial de la mer 🌊 à #Bizerte : échange entre le secrétaire général de l'#UpM, Nasser Kamel, et… https://t.co/Ywu6M56VdW
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UfMSecretariat .شارك الإتحاد من أجل المتوسط في إحتفالية بمناسبة اليوم العربي للتطوع التي نظمها الإتحاد العربي للتطوع "يسعى الاتحا… https://t.co/b4VWfz3sQA
UfMSecretariat Population growth, urbanisation and extreme climatic conditions have increased the demand for water💧, energy ⚡and f… https://t.co/9DlJXRnHuC
UfMSecretariat RT @Radio1Rai: Solo il 2% della forza lavoro è donna nell’economia legata al mare, trend da invertire secondo Unione per il mediterraneo @U
UfMSecretariat RT @CyprusMFA: Θετική & παραγωγική συζήτηση μεταξύ του Υπ.Εξ. @Christodulides & του ΓΓ της Ένωσης για τη Μεσόγειο #NasserKamel. Οι κοινές π…
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UfMSecretariat RT @UNAOC: The High Representative for UNAOC, Mr. @MiguelMoratinos, is now meeting with Amb. Nasser Kamel, Secretary General of the Union f…
UfMSecretariat RT @MfaEgypt: وزير الخارجية #سامح_شكري يلتقي الآن بأمين عام الاتحاد من أجل المتوسط السفير ناصر كامل، في إطار التقدير لدور الاتحاد في تعزيز…
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UfMSecretariat Building regional Euro-Mediterranean cooperation together: #UfM Secretary General, Nasser Kamel, discussed today wi… https://t.co/RNjxF8GenX
UfMSecretariat RT @edgarsrinkevics: Ar Vidusjūras Savienības ģenerālsekretāru Naseru Kameru pārrunājām Eiropas Dienvidu kaimiņreģiona aktualitātes, sadarb…
UfMSecretariat RT @MfaEgypt: FM #Sameh_Shoukry meets now with the Sec Gen of the Union for the Mediterranean Amb Nasser Kamel, in the framework of Egypt's…
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UfMSecretariat Strengthening ties in the Euro-Mediterranean region: #UfM Secretary General, Nasser Kamel spoke today with the Mini… https://t.co/pkAWvRnizp
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UfMSecretariat 📢 The 1st edition of the TANDEM Media Awards organised by @eu_near is here! Are you a creative #journalist or… https://t.co/NrTtClpSf3
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UfMSecretariat 🚨Date limite prolongée jusqu'au 30 novembre pour le #ARLEMaward🏆 Appel aux jeunes #entrepreneurs à postuler à l'édi… https://t.co/wfAZgIKQ5y
UfMSecretariat Le saviez-vous ? Il existe 48 sites labellisés Patrimoine Européen, 14 dans des pays méditerranéens 🌊 ! Combien en… https://t.co/UAtWMolzVT
UfMSecretariat 🚨Deadline extended until 30 November for the #ARLEMaward🏆 Calling young #entrepreneurs to apply to the 2022 edition… https://t.co/hoRstvm264
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UfMSecretariat 🚨تم تمديد الموعد النهائي حتى 30 نوفمبر من أجل ARLEMaward#🏆 دعوة لرواد الأعمال الشباب للتقدم لنسخة 2022 ، والتي تهدف… https://t.co/gKNyBWUfVC
UfMSecretariat 📅UfM- @emuni Webinar "Women in blue economy in the Mediterranean" is taking place on 22 September. It will highligh… https://t.co/DayKrlbanb
UfMSecretariat ️Europe had the warmest summer on record, according to @CopernicusECMWF. Great heat, regional fires, heavy rain & d… https://t.co/kExyvRcLce
UfMSecretariat Que signifie la #Méditerranée pour la chercheuse marocaine spécialisée en géosciences marines @MariaSnoussi ?… https://t.co/cBMKpwy9t6
UfMSecretariat RT @CyprusInstitute: 📌 The final programme of the WEFE Nexus Science Advances Conference is now available! #WEFE4MED @CyprusInstitute @Pr
UfMSecretariat 📈Which trends, challenges and policy recommendations to boost the #women leadership in economic sector in the #MENAhttps://t.co/Pqt2d23pdo
UfMSecretariat 📢 Call for applicants! Registration for the Advanced Master in Sustainable Blue Growth 2021-2022 jointly organised… https://t.co/Rr10eUhSpU
UfMSecretariat RT @DECOST_ENI: ▶️The municipality of Anabta and the Kadoorie University are joining forces in #Palestine to carry out a raise awareness ca…
UfMSecretariat Last call! Entrepreneurship is key to sustainable economic development in the #Mediterranean. Apply to the… https://t.co/JYlbr2QFuI
UfMSecretariat 🔴“The work carried out by the UfM is pivotal to involve all the regional networks in the definition of higher… https://t.co/gLbbu7HQ0C
UfMSecretariat 📸 Take a sneak peek at the #CreativeForum #FutureUnlocked🔓 in #Ljubljana, taking place this week with the support… https://t.co/L3bhJzzJTh


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Co-organized by:

 Gouv Tun v3 petit







The Mediterranean Economic Conference: Employment and Territorial Development  offers a unique platform for reflection, exchange of experiences and definition of strategies as well as actions to address the unemployment challenge in the Southern Mediterranean countries.

Co-organized by the Secretariat of the UfM and the Government of Tunisia, the conference is bringing together high level representatives from the European Institutions (EEAS, European Commission, European Parliament), government officials and ministers from the Mediterranean region, representatives from regional and national organizations, influential practitioners in the area of local development and job creation as well as intergovernmental organizations, international financial institutions and business leaders from the banking sector and SMEs.

This year, the first edition of the conference will be held in Tunisia. In line with the current political, economic and social climate, the conference will reflect pressing issues on employment opportunities for youth and women or the promotion of local development, and it will further witness the launch of the Mediterranean Initiative for Jobs (Med4Jobs), designed by the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean in response to the structural challenges in the region.

The Conference will be organised around thematic sessions aiming to address the following questions to guide the debates:

Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How to adapt national strategies to better improve youth employability and skills?
Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How national strategies could be translated into local actions?
Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How to reduce frictional unemployment?
Homme tunisV6 website colour petit      How could SMEs development and private sector investments create local and regional champions?


Co-funded by the European Union